Stuff I Didn't Know This Morning

This blog is a place to share what I'm learning, and how I'm learning it.

I started my first coding class in November of 2017. I quickly grew a love for coding, and as the months ticked by, I worked harder and harder to get my skills up to snuff. But no matter how much knowledge I gained, I had a persistent feeling that everyone else had something I didn't.

Each time I encountered a bug, started a new topic, or took a question to Stack Overflow, I was met with seemingly infinite developers who thought this was just so easy, as though they'd known it forever. Was this so simple that I shouldn't be struggling, or asking about it at all? I felt embarrassed – for being new, for daring to ask, for not just knowing.

Environments where people are afraid to ask questions make us all worse learners and, arguably, developers. So I'm using this blog as a place to talk openly about what I'm still learning, and share tutorials on the things I know. I'm collecting these thoughts under the name 'Stuff I Didn't Know This Morning' as a reminder that no one just knows this stuff, and that it's possible to learn something valuable even if you don't have a ton of extra time in your day.